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Joseph Marfoglio

It’s been great working with Anthony. His knowledge of business development strategies combined with his skills on SEO and Social Media Marketing really helps small businesses achieve a lot more in competitive environments. I highly recommend Anthony if you need to get your business operating at a higher level in today’s fast-paced digital world.

Joseph Marfoglio3 Stage Marketing
Trevor Lewis

Finding a local SEO agency that can actually get you results isn’t easy, let alone the need to keep updated with the ever-changing technical skills required to achieve and maintain a strong online presence. Anthony and the team at Step Up Digital Marketing are, in my opinion, the only digital agency to discuss your businesses online needs with. They are true professionals in the online marketing world and can get your business brand established, ranked and discovered in the search engines.

Trevor LewisMedico-Legal SEO
Hannah Groves

Anthony is an authentic online marketing professional who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to search engine marketing and helping businesses grow online. I highly recommend you contact him if you need to generate more online traffic to your business.

Hannah GrovesDivergent Media
Michele Perry

I highly recommend Anthony if you are looking to expand and grow your business. He has the knowledge, skills and talent to inject sufficient quality into your company while also achieving greater than satisfactory results.

Michele PerryWordplay Editing Services
Brian Morrow

Anthony and his team are pretty amazing. I have worked with a lot of different companies that told me they were good at SEO, but Anthony is actually a professional. No shortcuts, no black-hat tactics, just solid SEO strategy that makes Google love your website. If you are looking for someone to get your business to the top of Google (and do it safely) then Anthony is your guy.

Brian Morrow341Media.com
Ryota Iwai

Anthony is a fountain of the knowledge. He has a full spectrum of knowledge regarding digital marketing from search engine optimization to social media marketing. His strong dedication to his client and creative customization of the solution offered to his client is mind-blowing. I highly recommend working with him.

Ryota IwaiRyota Iwai Digital Media
Adam Leech
    We partnered with Anthony for a major project and found that his contribution in making things happen was great. It resulted with our mutual client achieving major success with their digital marketing campaign.
Adam LeechTharros Media
Hung Nguyen
    Anthony is true expert in Search Engine Improvisation and Social Marketing. He has helped me a great deal growing my business online. I highly recommend him for any business that needs an excellent SEO service.
Hung NguyenVision Ranking
Joe Mulcahy
    If you need to establish your online presence and create a positive social media presence, Anthony is the guy to go to. He’s very strategic with branding and with the organisation of social accounts to maximise results.
Joe MulcahyLavish
Veronica Zupanic

If Anthony is providing SEO services to your business, then you’re in good hands. You can trust him to get the job done right.

Veronica ZupanicSpreadBright
Garry Lei
    Anthony’s in-depth knowledge about SEO and digital marketing is second to none. He has a proven track record in providing real results for many businesses. He has helped many achieve massive amounts of success with organic traffic. I highly recommend Anthony if you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level.
Garry LeiDigital Cavern
Antonio Rillera
    Anthony is a pro when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. He has been key in working with us to rank websites and professional in every sense. He knows his stuff and comes at my highest recommendation.
Antonio RilleraFormless Digital
Matthew Agostinho
    Anthony’s knowledge around search engine marketing is very strategic and highly effective. I would recommend Anthony and his agency if you need help growing your business.
Matthew Agostinho3AM Premier SEO
Blake Zbylut

Anthony is highly knowledgeable, effective and can get your business the online results you’re looking for. If you’re really looking to grow your business online, then Anthony is an excellent resource to help you get the job done!

Blake ZbylutMonsoon Hill Media
Kristopher Cooksley

Anthony never ceases to amaze me. His vast knowledge of SEO is truly one of a kind and pushes me to new levels of thinking.

Kristopher CooksleyMerchandy
Roshan Banatwala

Anthony and his team contributed to the overall success of our client’s project. His knowledge with search engine optimization was extremely valuable and along with his strategic implementation has helped reassure longevity with the business. We look forward to working with Step Up Digital Marketing again in the future.

Roshan BanatwalaSkysearch