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Step Up Digital Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency that prides itself on over-delivering for its clients. They have trained and developed a specialised team of strategic retail SEO, Amazon marketing experts and social media specialists.

By ensuring they are always on the forefront of pioneering new methods, they have found online success where other agencies have failed.

Step Up Digital Marketing always ensures transparency with its customers and getting results. While they don’t guarantee rankings, they excel at delivering substantial value to their clients and promise professional services backed by these results.

Anthony Donataccio

Anthony Donataccio is the owner and founder of the digital marketing and SEO agency Step Up Digital Marketing.

This online marketing and Amazon consulting agency was founded in 2016.

After having previously worked for more than 20 years in the finance and retail industries, Anthony saw an opportunity to begin working with small retail business owners to help them achieve more success using cutting-edge strategies likes search engine optimisation, to really boost their brand and increase sales revenue.

Anthony also understands how confusing the world of selling on Amazon can be and this is why over the years he has fine-tuned his marketing business to include Amazon seller consulting so that retail business owners can leverage his knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of how to win on Amazon.

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